In the midst of Hurricane Harvey’s historic rampage, the Federal Aviation Administration restricted drone pilots without special authorization from flying near or around Houston and surrounding areas.The reason was fairly straightforward: The FAA wanted rescuers and first responders to have as much free airspace as possible without a bunch of buzzing drones in the way. […]

Hackers could order sex robots to kill their human lovers

Commercial sex robots with poor cybersecurity protection could soon be taken over by criminal hackers and potentially be used to kill, an Australian academic has claimed. Dr Nick Patterson, a lecturer specialising in technology at the Deakin University in Melbourne, believes that web-connected sex robots are just as vulnerable to hacking as phones and tablets. Cybercriminals, he warned, could […]

Nigeria’s Chinemelu Ezeh on global stage of robotics

Chinemelu Ezeh One modern phenomenon that has the capacity of boosting production as well as diminishes the human intervention in the production chain is robots. To the average Nigerian, robots are nothing but some mechanical configurations that are domiciled within the laboratory rooms used for experimentation. But this thinking appears obsolete as the modern engage […]

Paralysed man moves his limbs with help of groundbreaking technology

Neuro-prosthetic technology *Led by Nigeria-born doctor, Ajiboye, team surgically implanted sensors in patient’s brain area responsible for motor control Hundreds of thousands of Americans have a spinal cord injury, and many of those affected are paralyzed from the shoulders down. For these patients, neuro-prosthetic technology may offer some hope. A new study showcases a man […]

New wave of robots set to deliver the goods

Henry Harris-Burland explains the operation of the Starship Technologies delivery robot on January 26, 2017 at the Washington Auto Show in Washington, DC. The robots of the future will be coming soon, rolling along at lumbering pace, with those goods you just ordered. The six-wheeled, knee-high robots from startup Starship Technologies are part of a […]