New Toyota magnet cuts rare-earth use

Electric vehicle motors turn with the help of magnets made from rare-earth elements (black). Credit: Shin-Etsu Chemical The rise of electric vehicles is threatening supplies of a host of the earth’s elements. Cobalt and lithium for batteries are getting most of the attention, but rare earths for electric motors are also a pinch point. Now, […]

Robots to the Rescue: Saving Lives with Unmanned Vehicles

A Westpac Little Ripper drone helped rescue two teens off the coast of Australia by dropping a flotation device to them. (Credit: Westpac Little Ripper) Last week’s sea rescue of Australian swimmers by an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is just the start of a robotics revolution. On January 18, an Australian lifeguard piloted a drone over the […]

Top 5 solar energy inventions from Africa

In 2017, eco@africa featured a host of eco heroes bringing solar power to their communities through innovative business ideas and inventions. Here are our top five solar solutions from Africa. 5. Cameroon’s green car wash The residents of Douala in western Cameroon often face water shortages but they still like to have clean cars. The problem […]

Toyota planning 10 purely electric vehicles by 2020s

Toyota plans to offer more than 10 purely electric vehicle models in its lineup by the early 2020s, marking the Japanese automaker’s commitment to that growing technology sector. Toyota Motor Corp. now offers no purely electric vehicles, although it leads in hybrid models, which switch between an electric motor and a gas engine. Executive Vice […]

Illuminating plants may replace electricity soon as researchers transform trees into light source

Researchers at MIT have come up with a method to transform trees into light source through plant nanobionics. It’s frustrating when the power goes off while you are studying for an examination or reading an interesting novel or in the middle of an important task. Well, experts are working on making plants produce light with an aim to replace […]

Robots could replace 48,000 Deutsche Bank employees who are too ‘error-prone and inefficient’, says CEO

  John Cryan, CEO of Deutsche Bank says that current workers are too ‘error-prone’ and ‘inefficient.’ Over the next three years, the firm plans to implement more ‘machine learning and mechanisation’ in the hopes of keeping up with its rivals In 2015, Deutsche Bank announced that it was making 9,000 job cuts John Cryan said many of these would come […]