The mystery of sleep keeps getting deeper. A recent serendipitous discovery by a group of graduate students led them to prove that jellyfish seem to sleep. It’s a pretty remarkable discovery, not least because jellyfish don’t really have brains. It calls into question very purpose of sleep, which, despite years of study, is still not understood. […]

Scientists find way to produce electricity from tears

Scientists can now produce electricity from tears. A team of Irish scientists has discovered a unique source of electricity. According to them, applying pressure to a protein found in milk, egg whites and tears can generate electricity — a discovery that is expected to have many innovative applications in the future. In their report, published in […]

Researchers develop technique that could detect explosives, dangerous gases rapidly and remotely

University of Michigan researchers have developed a laser-based method that could be used to detect chemicals such as explosives and dangerous gases quickly and accurately. Eventually, this method could be used in systems placed in airports, for the environmental monitoring of pollutants or even in battlefields, said author Steven Cundiff, physics professor in the College of Literature, Science, […]

Researchers achieve 4-D printed material

For the first time, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) researchers have successfully 3-D printed composite silicone materials that are flexible, stretchable and possess shape memory behavior, a discovery that could be used to create form-fitting cushioning activated by body heat, such as in a helmet or shoe. As described in their paper published online by Scientific […]

What Makes Alcoholics Drink?

New research has found that a major factor predicting how much an alcoholic will drink is immediate mood. The new study also found that suffering from long-term mental health problems did not affect alcohol consumption, with one important exception: Men with a history of depression had a different drinking pattern than men without a history of depression. Surprisingly, […]