Illuminating plants may replace electricity soon as researchers transform trees into light source

Researchers at MIT have come up with a method to transform trees into light source through plant nanobionics. It’s frustrating when the power goes off while you are studying for an examination or reading an interesting novel or in the middle of an important task. Well, experts are working on making plants produce light with an aim to replace […]

Robots could replace 48,000 Deutsche Bank employees who are too ‘error-prone and inefficient’, says CEO

  John Cryan, CEO of Deutsche Bank says that current workers are too ‘error-prone’ and ‘inefficient.’ Over the next three years, the firm plans to implement more ‘machine learning and mechanisation’ in the hopes of keeping up with its rivals In 2015, Deutsche Bank announced that it was making 9,000 job cuts John Cryan said many of these would come […]

Waste treatment system recovers energy, water and nutrients from sewage

Designed for use in developing countries, the NEWgenerator can recover energy, clean water and fertilizer from wastewater (Credit: Daniel Yeh) People in developed countries might not give much thought to what happens after the toilet is flushed, but in developing countries that’s a serious problem. A system called the NEWgenerator is designed to help take the strain […]

Students claim top prize for recycling innovation

Team Matoha won both the overall winners’ prize and the new accelerator prize for their work using infrared spectroscopy to develop a low-cost tool that would identify different types of plastics. They will receive prize funds of £1,000 and £6,000 respectively. The team is made up of undergraduate students Hans Chan (Chemistry), Martin Holicky (Chemistry), […]

China working on world’s longest tunnel to carry water from Tibet to turn ‘Xinjiang desert into California’

Chinese engineers are working on an ambitious project to make its Xinjiang desert bloom. They are currently testing techniques that could help them build a 1,000-kilometre-long tunnel, which is expected to carry water from Tibet to the drylands of Xinjiang. The proposed tunnel, if successfully built, would be the world’s longest, easily beating the existing […]