Last month was second hottest April on record: NASA

This past April was only slightly warmer than the third warmest April, which occurred in 2010 and was 0.87 degrees warmer than the mean.(Reuters) Last month was the second warmest April in 137 years of modern record-keeping of average global temperatures, according to NASA. The two top April temperature anomalies have occurred during the past […]

We now know what causes the world’s biggest tsunamis

Scientists have just challenged years of tsunami science, showing that horizontal seafloor movements can create the energy necessary to generate these massive waves. Tsunamis are known to occur when the seafloor significantly shifts, as tectonic plates slide under one another during an earthquake. Most of the research dedicated to the subject suggests that vertical motions […]

Breakthrough in climate change mitigation, renewable energy

• Scientists engineer algae to help reduce global temperatures, sugarcane to produce biodiesel, ‘bionic leaf’ that could help end world hunger by turning sunlight into fertiliser Researchers have made giant strides in efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change especially the rising temperatures and its attendant consequences and in the development of renewable energy […]

Geologist for Shell says company hid Nigeria spill dangers

Royal Dutch Shell’s Nigeria subsidiary “fiercely opposed” environmental testing and is concealing data showing thousands of Nigerians are exposed to health hazards from a stalled cleanup of the worst oil spills in the West African nation’s history, according to a German geologist contracted by the Dutch-British multinational. An environmental study found “astonishingly high” pollution levels […]