Best tactical approach to handling patients with simultaneous parasitic and HIV infection

One of the most common waterborne diseases worldwide is cryptosporidiosis, a parasitic disease affecting the small intestine and possibly our airways. It is a common cause of diarrhoea in HIV-positive patients, who are known to have lower immunity. Now Kazeem Oare Okosun from Vaal University of Technology in South Africa and colleagues from Pakistan and […]

Study reveals mechanisms of fighting pathogenic viruses

Researchers of the KFU Omics Lab have succeeded in deciphering a Phi29-family virus genome. Junior researcher Raihan Shah Mahmud of Kazan Federal University says, “There is an immense number of viruses in nature, hundreds of times more than bacteria. Simply put, viruses are the most abundant and the least studied life form on Earth. There […]

Fresh HIV/AIDS breakthrough

HIV BREAKTHROUGH… Scientists may have just taken a crucial step towards finding a cure for HIV after a new breakthrough. PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images *Scientists confirm virus thrives in another less-explored type of white blood cell *Discovery explains why treatment has failed to wipe out chronic disease Scientists have confirmed Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV) can […]

Man on a mission to beat cancer

Thirty years ago, Professor Richard Gilbertson pledged to implement a 15 per cent reduction in mortality from children’s brain cancer. This is the story of what happened next. Interview: Lucy Jolin On the children’s ward at Newcastle General Hospital in 1986, medical student Richard Gilbertson got his first taste of life as a paediatric oncologist. He looked around […]