Local foods validated to prevent kidney damage

AVOCADO SEED HUSK… CANCER-KILLING   *Avocado, stonebreaker, corn silk eliminate renal stones Today is World Kidney Day (WKD). Several studies have shown that more Nigerians are developing kidney problems especially End Stage Kidney Damage (ESKD) and kidney stones.Researchers blame the situation on adoption of Western diets by most Nigerians and the attendant rise in hypertension […]

Vitamin D May Lower Risk Of Cancer – Study

According to a study on Japanese adults, higher levels of Vitamin D in the blood may be linked to a lower risk of developing certain cancers. Prior to these findings, it was assumed that Vitamin D has protective effects against cancers in many parts of the body. Vitamin D is made by the skin in response […]

New hormone pill could help women conceive in their 40s

Laboratory Fertilization Of Eggs In IVF Treatment PHOTO: wholehealthinsider     As modern life means more and more couples leave it later than ever to start their families, many will face problems conceiving.It is well known that older women produce fewer good-quality eggs, leading many to pin their hopes of motherhood on difficult and potentially […]

More herbal cures for prostate cancer validated

Several studies have shown that more Nigerian men are dying due to complications of prostate cancer and prostate enlargement. But researchers have scientifically validated more natural products including the seeds of pawpaw and watermelon that could be successfully used to prevent and treat prostate problems without unpleasant side effects. CHUKWUMA MUANYA (Assistant Editor) writes. The […]

Diabetics 200% likely to develop cataracts

Diabetics are twice as likely to develop cataracts than adults who don’t suffer from the killer condition, new research suggests. Women sufferers had the greatest risk of cataracts – the leading cause of blindness across the world that starts as a clouding of the lens in the eye. And the 15-year study concluded that middle-aged […]