Laurels for a fine poet

Oke, in his native regalia, reading from Heresiad at CORA-NLNG-organiseed Book Party last year… in Lagos Ikeogu Oke is not new to Nigeria’s literati. Africa’s foremost novelist, Chinua Achebe, whom he had a personal relationship with, once described him as “a very fine poet.” Farther afield, the Nobel laureate, Nadine Gordimer, wrote concerning him, “[There […]

How to manage your reputation

Dr. Jossy Nkwocha’s book Reputation Management and Branding (Zoom Lens Publishers, Port Harcourt; 2016) is an interesting addition to your repertoire, your library and toolkit. Nkwocha, a distinguished journalist and public relations consultant, is also the author of Effective Public Relations. His new book addresses the reputation challenges of businesses, government and non-governmental organisations, is […]

Timeless wisdom in Usman’s The Bride Without Scars

With practitioners in the country’s filmic genre (Nollywood) failing to put Africa’s folk narratives on screen through animation and other performance forms for their economic value, the job has fallen on writers to bear the burden of archiving the abundant, rich oral tradition. And the writers are discharging this duty admirably to serve the dual […]