Justin Bieber Is Having Another Sister

Justin Bieber and his dad are super excited about welcoming an addition to the family. In an Instagram post, Justin’s dad, Jeremy Bieber, posted a picture of the four to five months old pregnant, Chelsey Rebelo. TMZ reports that the forthcoming addition is a girl. According to TMZ, their pink-themed wedding party this week was, in […]

Laurels for a fine poet

Oke, in his native regalia, reading from Heresiad at CORA-NLNG-organiseed Book Party last year… in Lagos Ikeogu Oke is not new to Nigeria’s literati. Africa’s foremost novelist, Chinua Achebe, whom he had a personal relationship with, once described him as “a very fine poet.” Farther afield, the Nobel laureate, Nadine Gordimer, wrote concerning him, “[There […]

How to manage your reputation

Dr. Jossy Nkwocha’s book Reputation Management and Branding (Zoom Lens Publishers, Port Harcourt; 2016) is an interesting addition to your repertoire, your library and toolkit. Nkwocha, a distinguished journalist and public relations consultant, is also the author of Effective Public Relations. His new book addresses the reputation challenges of businesses, government and non-governmental organisations, is […]