Japan reveals plans to put a man on moon by 2030

Japan has unveiled ambitious plans to put an astronaut on the moon around 2030 under new proposals from the country’s space agency. Japan has revealed ambitious plans to put an astronaut on the Moon around 2030 in new proposals from the country’s space agency. This is the first time the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) […]

Could Apple’s next big thing be a car?

Is an Apple Car about to hit the road? The California technology colossus behind the iPhone has confirmed its interest in self-driving cars, but experts are trying to deduce the secretive company’s plans for traction in a market where others have been speeding along. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who died in 2011, contemplated putting the […]

Tackling iron, zinc deficiencies with ‘better’ bread

bread The health effects of zinc and iron deficiencies can be devastating, particularly in developing countries. One strategy for addressing this problem involves fertilizing crops with the micronutrients. But no one has yet figured out whether these added nutrients end up in food products made with the fortified crops. Now researchers report in ACS’ Journal […]

Issa Rae leads charge of YouTube stars into Hollywood

YouTube has showcased the talents of entertainers seeking fame and fortune, with Hollywood executives increasingly sitting up and taking notice. One of the most successful examples is Californian comedy writer and actress Issa Rae, 32, who is preparing to release a second season of the acclaimed HBO series “Insecure,” which has its roots in her […]

Entrepreneurship is about risk taking

Kachi The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach has become a cliché. Again, it is no longer news that the world’s best chefs are men. So while women are busy pursuing male dominated sectors, the men on the other hand are taking over what previously used to be exclusive women’s domain – […]